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  • NTL-7000 Adjustable Thermostat
  • NTL-7000 Adjustable Thermostat

Product Name:Adjustable Thermostat

Product Model:NTL-7000



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  • Parameters

Bimetallic Room Thermostat for heating system and cooling system installations.




Mechanical Type, 16A, NO+NC type, with internal thermostatic bimetal sensor


Mechanical Type, 6A, NO+NC type, with SPDT switch, with internal thermostatic bimetal sensor

NO: Normally Open(For Cooling)     NC: Normally Closed(For Heating)


1. Technical Data:

1).Voltage:AC230V +10%~-15%,50/60Hz

2).Temperature scale:0~40℃

3).Control voltage signal:AC230V

4).Ambient temperature:-10℃/+50℃

5).Dimensions:H/75, W/75, D/25MM

6).Protection: IP20             

7).The thermostat free of maintenance.


2. Thermal, electrical and mechanical features:

Breaking capacity:


on opening contact, 16A-250V A.C.(ohmic load)

on closing contact, 10A-250V A.C.(ohmic load)




on opening contact, 6A-250V A.C.(ohmic load)

on closing contact, 4A-250V A.C.(ohmic load)



3. Temperature's scale adjustment

After almost two days from the installation, to obtain a precise scale adjustment, measure the room temperature with a reference thermometer, placed aside to reach the same value of the thermometer, We suggest to install the equipment at at about 1.5m from the floor and far from any heat source.


4. Important

● Accelerating resistance with voltage to 220V-250V a.c.

● This thermostat is provided with an accelerating resistance which must be absolutely connected in order to obtain the regulation's performances.

● The terminal 4 has thus to be connected to the neutral according to the diagram shown on the cover.

● This connection allows also the working of the pilot lamp which indicates the operation of the heating. 

  • Structure Chart

Adjustable Thermostat

  • Certification
  • Thermostat CE-EMC

    Thermostat CE-EMC

  • Thermostat CE-LVD

    Thermostat CE-LVD

  • Thermostat RoHS

    Thermostat RoHS

  • Thermostat RoHS

    Thermostat RoHS

  • Thermostat NTL 7000 Patent

    Thermostat NTL 7000 Patent

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