3 Years Warranty: All our products adapt UL listed New Material, we never adapt used material.
Natural Corporate Culture
"True Spirit"
  • Quality First

    Quality is the root of the survival of enterprises, no matter how others, do a good job of the heart, do better products, do better themselves. Let customers believe in Chinese quality manufacturing, not Chinese crude manufacturing. When customers mention Nettle, they will nod their heads and give a thumbs up, saying that the quality is excellent.

  • The Customer Reigns Supreme

    For customer inquiries, to do a quick response, proactive customer problem solving, and customer communication process, standing in the customer's position to think about the problem, on the basis of adherence to the principle, and ultimately to achieve customer and company are satisfied. Have a sense of service ahead of time, to prevent problems before they occur.

Natural Corporate Spirit
  • Cohesion
  • Innovations
  • Honest
  • Devotion
  • Passion