3 Years Warranty: All our products adapt UL listed New Material, we never adapt used material.
  • Material
    All Material are New Material, we never adapt used material, all material are UL listed material.
  • Patent
    Most models are with Design Patent, part models with Utility Patent, with one Invention Patent.
Highlights of Each Product
Temperature Controller &Humidity Controller
The contacts are silver contacts, not iron contacts, and can be used up to 50000 times without generating electrical sparks, causing fires, or damaging the contacts. Ultra low temperature rise, the temperature rise of Netel's mechanical temperature controller is only 39 degrees, greatly verifying the service life of the product. All accessories are of high quality. The material is a brand new UL certified flame retardant material.
  • Silver
  • Ultra Low
    Temperature Rise
PA66 UL certified flame-retardant industrial new material. The terminals use UL certified terminals and the wires use UL certified wires, which can withstand high currents without generating heat, making it safer and more reassuring. Group power, all heaters of Netel are output of group power. Unlike some manufacturers who cut corners and cut power in half.
  • UL Certified Terminals/Wires
Filter Fan
Netel uses brand new materials without adding lime, effectively extending its service life. Adding lime to the material will greatly shorten its service life, which is fragile and prone to aging. Netel claims not to use recycled materials because they pollute the air and emit harmful gases when exposed to high temperatures, affecting human health. In addition, the performance of recycled materials is not durable, and their service life is short. They will quickly age, change color, and break. Netel uses G4 filter cotton with a thickness of 1.5 centimeters, which has a better air purification effect and provides purer air for each distribution cabinet. Some people on the market use G3 (1 centimeter), G2 (0.7 centimeter), and G1 (0.3 centimeter) filter cotton, which cannot achieve better purification effects.
  • Without Adding Lime
  • Filter Cotton ( 150mm )
Cabinet Lamp
The plastic shell is made of UL certified pure PC material, which is flame retardant, transparent, and has extremely strong transparency. In addition, our magnets have strong magnetism and can withstand a weight of 1 kilogram without falling off, greatly solving the problem of cabinet lights easily falling off. Our product is an ultra wide voltage 48V-265VAC/DC, versatile and suitable for all countries. We also offer 24VAC/DC level solutions, providing effective solutions for customers with DC demand. We have multiple options: with switch, with induction, and also equipped with a matching door control switch. It can be installed with screws or with magnets. Meet the needs of different customer groups.
  • Flame Retardant
  • Extremely Strong Transparency
Made of pure copper wire, not aluminum wire or copper clad aluminum wire, all materials are made of new materials. UL certified flame-retardant material fan. Compliant with ROHS. Silicon steel sheets are made of 32 pieces instead of 28 or 26 pieces, providing a longer service life. Using double ball bearings. The lubricating oil is brand new and does not use recycled oil. The frame is made of new aluminum, not second-hand aluminum.
  • Made of Pure Copper Wire
  • Compliant With ROHS
  • Test

    All products pass 100% semi-finished and finished product testing, and each one must be tested. Ensure 100% pass the test before leaving the factory

  • Test

    All products pass 100% semi-finished and finished product testing, and each one must be tested. Ensure 100% pass the test before leaving the factory

  • Thermostat, Heater, Filter, Cabinet LED Lamp, Panel Parts

    3 Years
  • Fans

    2 Years
  • Voltage Protector

    5 Years
More Advantages
  • Fast delivery

    Most Model are with spare parts in stock, so can offer shorter leading time.

  • Professional Service

    The most professional service team, we have the most professional sales team, ready to answer all customer questions at any time.

  • Better price

    With same quality, we have better price.

High & Private
Customization Services

We can provide ODM, OEM private customization, and provide the highest quality services. As long as the customer explains their needs, we can select and customize services for them, providing the best supporting products and service solutions. Providing exclusive and private matching solutions, allowing you to have unique products and services in your country.

Each one can be customized, whether you are one or 1000, we can customize it and truly achieve it. Private customization is not a dream. We have 3 color printers and 8 black and white label printers. Make sure the labels are displayed in seconds. Seamless integration with production.

Payment Terms
We can accept payment methods such as T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Trade Assurance, Money Gram, LC, OA, etc
We Can Accept 11 Currencies

We can accept 11 currencies: USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY, NZD, EUR, SGD, CHF, RMB, THB, providing more convenient payment methods for customers from different countries。

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Sales Director Hotline Service

All customers, regardless of any issues, communication, product, support, payment, etc., can contact the Sales Director at any time, and the Sales Director will be at your service at any time.